Designed specifically for Adults 65 and over

Pacific Connect
Sixty 5

Enrollment into the program is easy!
The Senior Connect Program of Pacific Dermatology Institute is designed specifically for Adults 65 and over receiving dermatology care within our practices. The program is free and has little to no requirements for eligibility, besides being of proper age. Each member of Pacific Connect Sixty5 will have exclusive access to our concierge service that will help improve the overall experience and streamline processes for our Senior members.

Enrollment into the program can easily be obtained at our front desk during the initial registration process and anytime thereafter. If you would like to discontinue your membership that can also be completed by notifying any one of our team members. Our mission for this program is to allow seniors to participate in educational programs that encourage healthy skin, provide social activities tailored to adult and senior skincare, while creating a dermatology specific community for our Senior guest.


Each member of Pacific Connect Sixty5 will receive the following annual benefits while enrolled:

  • Membership Card
  • Member ID number
  • Exclusive Member phone number for scheduling, results and prescriptions
  • Preferred appointment times and access
  • Free full Skin Cancer exam annually
  • Early access to PDI educational events and programs
  • 15% off products and cash services
  • $5 gift card for each member referral
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